Earn Monthly Income

Real Estate and Real Estate related projects have been the primary sources of wealth creation for generations of Australians. However entering into a Real Estate related project typically requires substantial amounts of capital. It also imposes a significant risk due to the high capital involved in one project.

To get around this people have been pooling their funds and resources together by forming syndicates within friends and family. However there are limits to how many projects you can do in this fashion and the amounts required are still large. Also you may not always be able to access quality projects within your small network of friends and family.

Separately a need was felt to provide investors with an investment vehicle that will provide them with regular monthly returns rather than get paid at the end of the project which can last for several years. This is being achieved by investing in Real Estate funds that have historically delivered monthly returns.

And finally instead of exposing investors to the risk of an individual project's failure a need was felt for an aggregate or pooled investment which spreads investor money across multiple Real Estate related investments leading to spreading the risk across several projects. It is also important that investors have strong security.
Monthly Baron has achieved all 3 of these investment objectives by providing you access to an investment that
Invests in Real Estate related investment opportunities with small amounts
Aims to provide a monthly return
Spreads the risk across multiple projects
Invests in funds which take a first mortgage security on the Real Estate assets they lend against



Craig Cameron

CRAIG A CAMERON – Managing Director/Investment review committee

B.A International Rel., Dip Financial Services - Planning Capital Manager Craig began his financial services career in funds management, dealing with investors, raising capital and assisting distribution across several funds and a MDA platform. Moving into full financial advice at the height of the GFC, he managed advice and investment selection to retail, sophisticated and corporate superannuation funds. Negotiating the slow market decline and positioning client portfolios for the eventual upturn. Progressing into Stockbroking with a national firm, he built a book of clients, managing a portfolio of $70M. There he gained exposure to IPO’s, private equity, commodities trading and more in-depth investment management, risk management strategies. This experience carried over into private banking with global financial services powerhouse Citibank. He advised high net wealth clients across cash, FX, bonds and structured investment products. Craig has a passion for investing, portfolio management and wealth creation strategies, of which he believes property is a core asset class to enable this. The strong Australian property market, people’s love of property as a wealth builder, the need for gentrification of older suburbs and to meet population growth, made the transition to property development a logical choice. Enabling clients large and small to get exposure to simple projects, affordable entry levels with tangible returns on offer, is a key driver for Craig and Smart Capital Property & Development. Craig is focused on delivering great outcomes for investors.



Director/Investment review committee

Operational Manager James’s focus as operational manager is project and risk management, he has experience using advanced cost control techniques with budgeting and finance, project management and strategic planning. He is a licensed builder with over 25 years building industry experience. Since becoming a qualified builder, James has worked in the Brisbane area, building, renovating and designing residential and commercial premises. As the owner of an award winning Brisbane based renovation Company for 20 years, James has built a reputation for delivering quality work and establishing trusting relationships with his clients. Over the years his underlying philosophy has been simple; "To earn the trust of my clients by delivering agreed outcomes for each and every client”. It remains the same today. James and his Company have received the following awards.
HIA AWARDS Winner Qld Bathroom Design of the Year,
HIA AWARDS Winner Brisbane Design of the Year, HIA AWARDS Winner Brisbane Bathroom Project of the Year,
HIA AWARDS Renovated Bathroom Project, HIA AWARDS Finalist Australian Bathroom Design of the Year,
HIA AWARDS Finalist Qld Bathroom Project of the Year,
HIA AWARDS Finalist Brisbane Bathroom Design of the Year,
HIA AWARDS Finalist Brisbane Bathroom Project of the Year,
2015-2017 Houzz Design of the Year


Moresh Kokane


Moresh is an engineer who has worked in the finance and tech industries for the last decade and previously successfully created two start-ups. An Business Analyst with an experience of more than a decade, he has expertise in Investment Accounting, Finance, Trading, Reporting and Data warehousing systems. Moresh also has qualifications in IT, Economics and Project Management. Moresh conceptualized and built from the ground up Estate Baron one of the first Real Estate Development Crowdfunding Companies in Australia. Moresh has worked as an Authorized Representative of multiple Australian Financial Services Licensees and has done his RG146 in Securities, Managed Investment Schemes as well as a Cert 4 in Mortgage Broking.